Today me and my father picked up another Nobel we bought. It was up in near Peterborough, quite a trip, but you can't expect something this rare to turn up next door, either!

I was offered this car by someone who contacted me via my website. It came with a few spares aswell.

The owner's father bought it in the 60's when he was 15, last MOT was 1974. It has been dry stored since then, and tyres kept up.
He repainted it, as you can see now it's flaking away. It deserves to be repainted of course!

The interior is very nice, original vinyl on the seats. The floor and dashboard have been repainted, unfortunately the chassis plate seems to have been removed sometime in the past. I will have to clean up the identification number on the chassis, below the drivers side door. Never easy reading the numbers there, as they usually rust in that area.

We will not be able to work on it straight away, we will not be able to bring it home "this trip", but we shopuld be picking it up soon after.

Once its home, the first thing to do would be get it running (check brakes, sort out engine, tyres, etc...).

This Nobel will hopefully end up being mine. I don't really want to, but I may sell my other Nobel to pay back my father (I want this Nobel!). Its better condition than mine obviously, and its all complete. It would be a lot cheaper too, since it could be done up with a "backgarden respray", for a nice tidyt car, but not too perfect either. Keep interior original!

Once it's home, I will take many more detailed pictures! Sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, I didn't realise that the camera lens on my phone was dirty!

I'll keep you up to date!


Hey all,

  Both nobels from the Bruce Wiener microcar collection will be auctionned in february.



Sadly they're leaving the collection, but things happen.

The 1st one looks like a very early one, earlier than mine. I only know of 1 with a sunroof, which was a prototype. This one also has the prototype aluminium pattern, leading me to think its chassis number is below N°10, because mine is N°17 and is very normal compared to this one.

Today, I decided to finally attack my Nobel again. 

I thought an easy part to "get me back in the mood" would be the dashboard. It sure has!

This is what the dashboartd was like before: 
The first step was de-rusting it and straightening it.

It used to have a few slits on the front "lip" of the glovebox (see pictures) and they nwere sort of crushed in. I had to struggle and bend them back to original shape (harder than it seems, especially when you don;t have much space to put your hands!).

Got that sorted. 

To de-rust it, I used a load of sandpaper, quickly tried the electric sander, but that didnt work too well (wrong shape), and a bit of paint stripper (that stuff burns!). Once that was done, I got my dad to angle grind the bolts that were holding the mirror "stem" on the dash, since they were tight as hell!

After that, he used this sort of Fibre disc on the angle grinder. It removes paint, rust and filler, without damaging the metal. Perfect.

Then, I applied this "POR-15 Metal Ready". 
(see here: http://www.por15.com/PREP-READY/productinfo/MRG/ )

My dad swears buy that product, and seeing the results, I do too! You apply it to bare metal, doesnt matter if a bit rusty, keep it wet with the product for half an hour, then wash it of with *water* of all things! After the rinsing of with water, you dry it and leave in the sun.

After a couple of minutes, you can see the difference. It leaves a shiny, lightly golden, finish to the metal. Its in fact chemicaly coating it with zinc phosphate, to prevent rust. We have tested it on a piece of old bare metal, before christmas, and its still the same as it was, no rust!

I highly reccomend the product, its a good price and will prevent rust from pickling through the paint.

The last step to do, was to patch up the hole and patch up the bottom of the glovebox. I picked some old sheet metal (original Messerschmitt KR200 metal!) and cut to shape. I was actually impressed how well I made them, since I'm never good at precision!

Tommorow, I will hopefully get it welded up (weld up the straightened slits, and weld the dash hole patches on), use a slight bit of filler, prime it up, paint it hammerite blue, then finally start assembling it!

Here are the pictures. I have also uploaded the 2 original dashboard layouts that were included in the owners handbook, and a picture of TUH 948's dashboard, hoping mine will end up that nice!

As you will notice, my dashboards is different to both in the manual. It is original, because it is very early. That is also a problem, I don't know which holes are original and which ones arent!

Dahboards were originally painted hammerite blue, if you need to know!





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Hey all,

  Sorry for not updating my site, I have been busy with my other projects, and I will need my dad to help me with the next steps of the car (rebuild engine and bring out body to prepare).

In the meantime, we have overhauled the front brakes on my dad's Nobel.

The brakes that were fitted when we got the car were made out of aspestos (we think), and they would hardly slow the car down!

We got a few spare brake shoes from the barn, picked out the 4 best ones (all seemed to be NOS or relined). 

After a load of adjusting, we finally got them woring as well as they can!

Enjoy the pictures!

Still, no update in a long time :(

We have been doing the cars at a fast rate, got some paintstripper, so that hopefully means we can properly get the Nobel out, make a floor, paintstrip it, and bring it to the paint shop!

Is anyone here interested in new Nobel chassis plates? We are planning to get some made, but we will need a minimal order.

I just got back from a trip to England, delivering a schmitt, 2 engines, and picking up a schmitt to restore.

On the way up, we met Claude le Bihan, to deliver an engine.
We had a lovely time seeing his cars, and had a nice chat with a coffee.
I just want to thank you for it, it was a lovely visit! Thanks Claude!

I also saw Graham Johnstons Nobel, you can see in the pictures after Claudes collection.

Here are some photos of his collection, lovely little private museum!
I know of a Nobel to be restored, that has a sunroof.

Could it be this car? I have not seen any other Nobel with a sunroof!

Someone thought it was worth it!

Here is the video. From the rolling stones.
Here are some photos, which seem to be Nobel prototypes. I know of 3 in old photos. Here are some of the pictures, I have the others somewhere on my computer, but I don't know where!
I just found a few pictures of a brand new Fuldamobil S7!

Here they are:

    About Me...

    My name is Jonathan Poll, 15 years old. My father is Nick Poll, a Messerschmitt restorer, who has been into bubblecars for over 30 years! I hope to follow his steps, restoring all of the project cars. Sadly, there arent as many projects left as there where before, but there are still some!

    I have owned my Nobel for a few years now, and also own a Messerschmitt kr200 project.

    I plan to finish my Nobel, then attack the schmitt. I may start on the kr while then Nobel is on hold, but not yet.

    I hope you enjoy the site, and if you ever want any reference pictures, spare parts, etc... Just ask! You can contact me on the "Contact" page up top.

      - Jonathan  -



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