My dad's car is now running... Here is a video! We made a homemade exhaust out of an old schmitt one and new tiger exhausts.
Here are some pics of me cleaning it!


This is a giant update, because the pictures on the last post where took in 2007 when my dad bought the car. Since he bought it, he had a quick tinker, but then left it in the barn for a while. When I started my Nobel, he decided to do his too. In this post, I will only show the biggest things he done to it since he got it, because he has done so many small things, like adjust steering, fix brakes, add hubcaps, put better condition indicators on etc... Here I will only show the nice sparkling Dashboard, the seats fitted in, the black box and the engine fitted in.

Hi everyone, this is the first time I upload progress on my dad's Nobel. His Nobel is a lot newer than mine, I think chassis n°3R0173 or something like that. His is Turquoise/white and the model with the Z trim and roof indicators. Here are some of the pictures:

    Nick Poll

    This is all about my Dad. My Dad is a bubble car specialist, he restores Messerschmitts and makes the Upholstery/Interior sets. He has a nice collection, including a Messerschmitt he got at 17 and found it for sale 25 years later.


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